Saint Robotica, a ground breaking collection of 3773 NFTs created by the artist Samuel Ho, represents the culmination of his debut NFT project. In a striking collaboration with GENAI, Ho has devised an original IP collection featuring hand-drawn robotic saint characters, each contributing to a grand, neo-gothic stained glass window. This unique offering stands apart as a true first in the NFT space in terms of magnitude and technological feat, with each of the 3773 PFPs forming a vital piece of a larger, awe-inspiring artwork.

Drawing inspiration from the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral and the iconic video game Mega Man, Saint Robotica elegantly blends religion and science, prompting us to contemplate our resolute faith in technology. By representing historical saints, Saint Robotica symbolizes a ray of hope, advocating for the use of AI solely for the betterment of humanity. In doing so, it marks a new era where technology and spirituality harmoniously coexist, paving the way for a brighter future.


Samuel Ho is an acclaimed Illustrator renowned for his captivating, visually arresting style and bold lines. As a pop culture artist, his work has been featured in galleries in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. He has collaborated with numerous clients in the entertainment industry, including Netflix, Disney, Marvel, ESPN, Warner Bros, and LucasFilms. His remarkable talent has earned him features in more than 50 international publications, showcasing his versatile ability to capture the essence of any subject.


The grand design stained glass window was built using an innovative technology that was developed to display the full collection of saint robotica and provide collectors with an engaging and interactive viewing experience. Every time a new saint is minted, they are placed in their designated space within the grand design, creating a visually stunning display that fills up over time.

Unlike the physical Notre Dame Cathedral, the grand design needed to exist in a digital space. Samuel Ho collaborated with the GENAI team to meticulously craft a digital outline that incorporated web3 integrations. The outline was created using a combination of manual human input and recursive computer generation.

Each space within the grand design window is reserved for a carefully curated and randomly placed saint. The spaces remain empty until a minted transaction is confirmed on the blockchain. Finding saints that you love is easier than ever, and links to the secondary market are readily available to ensure a seamless collecting experience.